Local Travel Destinations for You and Your Toddlers (According to Parents)

After a few years of being cooped up in our homes, it’s nice to see the travel industry getting back up on its feet.

While the prospect of exploring new places again is exciting, traveling can also be a cause of anxiety and stress, for both parents and their children. Whether the destination could be made by land or air, sometimes a bit of research is needed in order to see how kids would enjoy the place.

So now that the summer season is fast approaching, here are a few destination suggestions for parents, by parents.


Baguio city attracts hundreds of tourists for its cool weather and kitschy atmosphere. It’s also home to a number of kid-friendly tourist spots, such as Burnham Park, Camp John Hay, and the Baguio Botanical Garden. Over the years, however, new attractions have opened, including the Mirador Heritage and Eco Park.

My family and I went there when we visited Baguio last year. It’s a beautiful and serene place where both parents and children would be able to enjoy, with its miniature bamboo forest and the different plants and flowers all around. The highlight of the park is the Mirador Peace Memorial at the top of the park, which rewards tourists with a bird’s eye view of Baguio city.

Tip: Expect a lot of walking and climbing up stone steps in Mirador. There are gravel pathways around the park, but strollers are not recommended. The best way to go is to carry or use a carrier for the baby. Don’t worry, Instagrammable resting spots are plentiful.


Apart from the nightlife Boracay is known for, it is also known for having some of the most pristine white beaches in the country. For Apol, mom to 2 year-old Caleb, Boracay holds a special place in her and her husband’s hearts because it’s where they became a couple and had their honeymoon. And because of its chill and laid back vibe, they thought it would be the best place for Caleb to have his first beach experience.

True enough, Caleb was a fan of the sand and seawater. “He sat and walked on the sand with his toys and happily stayed in the water until we had to bring him in because it was getting too hot. The entire place was his playground!” according to Apol.

Tip: If your child is prone to motion sickness, make sure to bring a sick bag, especially since the trip to Boracay involves several modes of transportation. Also, prepare indoor activities in case your child ends up hating the beach or inclement weather.


Cebu is one of the most historical provinces in the Philippines. It also offers great destinations, ranging from beaches to tourist spots within the city.

Traveling now is very different from pre-pandemic days. So when mommy Krys and her family visited Cebu, they opted to stay at a resort which already had all the amenities to make it fun for her daughter Tiffany. Their resort had a great kiddie pool and a big slide to go with it, quick access to the beach, plus an indoor adventure zone with a playground and arcade. Tiffany, an animal lover, also enjoyed their visit to Cebu Safari, considered as the biggest zoological park in the country.

Tip: When looking for things that your kids can do, consider what will make you happy, too. Cebu has activities that are fun for the whole family.


Baler is one of the go-to surfing spots here in the country, but it also offers family-friendly adventures. One of the province’s kid-friendly attractions is the Museo de Baler, which has displays and artifacts about the province of Aurora and various ethnic groups. Museums like these give kids the opportunity to know more about our country’s rich history.

During their recent trip to Baler, Dave, dad to 3 year-old Eli and 10-month old Zeki, gamely answered questions during their visit to the museum. He also bonded with his eldest son Eli by trekking to Mother Falls, or Ditumabo Falls. It’s quite a journey for toddlers and small kids, but it’s also a great way for them to interact with and appreciate nature.

Dave shares, “Upon reaching the falls, [Eli] started shouting, ‘We did it, daddy!’”

Tip: Baler is known for its beaches, but prepare to experience drizzles and rain as well. Pack some clothes that will be good for the beach and for cool weather. Make sure to check the weather report before your trip.


Accessible by just a few hours drive from Manila, Tagaytay is a usual stop for families who want a quick getaway and relish in the chilly mountain air. Mommy Gayle, a balikbayan, did exactly just this in her recent visit to Tagaytay. She and her family went to a number of the usual tourist spots, such as Balay Dako, Twin Lakes, Sonya’s Garden, and Crosswinds.

However, for Gayle’s 3 year-old son Timothy, it was the view that was really the highlight of the trip. “He kept pointing at Taal and the mountains along the way. He enjoyed the view more than the specific places we went to,” tells Gayle.

Tip: Convenience and speed are what’s important when traveling with kids, so try to go on a weekday to skip Tagaytay’s traffic.

Have you found where you’re off to next? Just remember that adventures don’t need to be complicated; sometimes it’s the simplest things that actually make the most impact. Especially for the younger kids who are just learning about the world, every new experience can be amazing.

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