4 Tips on How to Choose the Best School for Your Little One

Your little one is growing up so fast so you’ve been exploring the idea of enrolling him or her in school. But the thing is, you suddenly realize that there are so many options out there! What are some of the things you should consider before deciding? Here are some tips from a pre-school teacher.

Think about your main goal

When enrolling your child, it is best to think about your main goal for them. Playschools and daycare centers are there in order to develop your little one’s social and communication skills, build and nurture their exploration stage, and to provide opportunities for them to learn by experience. Allow yourself to lower your expectations when sending them to school as early as 2 (two) years old, as there are things to consider such as attention span, school readiness (separation anxiety), learning abilities, speech development and the likes. So momma, think about your main goal for your child when sending them to school!


Think about the child

Looking for a school may be a taxing process most especially if you have that long list of requirements for the school or even their teacher. We do know the push and pull of sending them to school at an early age, but one thing to consider is their readiness to go to school. Ask yourself – is my child ready to go to school? You may see different learning opportunities at home that signals their readiness to go to school – such as expressing themselves better, learning independence when completing a task, showing excitement when playing with other kids, and the likes.


Think about the school

Do you want them to learn through play, learn by experience, learn by exploring, or even discover self-directed learning? Consider that they are in the early stage of learning and exploring. It is best to look at schools that are learner centered versus a traditional school setting as it will offer them more opportunities to discover. You may look into different methods of teaching such as Progressive, Eclectic, Montessori and see what best fits your child’s needs. Look into their values and even parent-school partnership, that way, you will also see how the school can be both beneficial for you and your child!


Think about yourself

Am I ready to send him/her to school? Remember, our children are very smart, they feel what you feel! It is important to make them feel that the school you chose is a safe environment likewise what you have built in your home. Also, consider the distance of the school from your house. It is important to compute the hours spent in school VS hours spent in traffic as this may also add extra anxiety to both of you. Another important note is that it is important to learn more about the school and how your child would benefit from their school’s values and way of teaching. Is it aligned with yours? Will it do good to my child? How will this school contribute to my child’s wholistic wellbeing?


Remember, sending your child to school at an early stage is beneficial to both you and your child as long as there will be a good parent-school partnership. This way, the school will be able to target your personal goals for your child, and you can be the greater extension of learning when your child is at home. It is important to nurture these little minds continuously. Every learning opportunity should be prompted and addressed well as this will help your child build that self-confidence they need when they go to the big school. Good luck, mommas!

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