6 Things Single Moms Want the World to Know

Mothers take on one of the most difficult jobs in the world every day. There’s no time in and out, no real breaks, and no compensation. Despite worries, fears, and concerns happening at once, they do things single-handedly for the sake of their children. This is twice the case for single mothers.

I’ve seen how single mothers in my circle deal with their family life, be it from personal encounters or social media posts. I only used to think about how difficult it must be for them, but I had no idea how difficult until I became a mother myself. I am not in their shoes for me to say I completely understand what they’re going through, but I don’t think I need to be before I can say I admire their strength and determination.

They usually don’t have the avenue to voice out, so we offered them this space to speak out, inspire, and empower many single mothers to stand up for themselves and for their children.

What do single moms really want to say to the world? Read on.

6 Things Single Moms Want the World to Know

“It’s quite more challenging to be a single mom nowadays.”
Single motherhood has never been easy, but the setup in today’s homes makes it more challenging. Children are hooked to social media and online games, and single mothers tend to focus on being the sole provider and caregiver at the same time. With this, it becomes a challenge for single moms to give their undivided attention.

“With children growing up in a very different environment to what we were accustomed to, a single mother should be amenable and flexible to these changes and always have their children’s best interest at heart. Moreover, she should always have the intentionality to be present in every aspect of their life.” Mommy Judy

“It’s double the difficulty but double the blessings.”
As if being a mother is not difficult enough, single mothers whose children are in their custody take the role of both parents. They raise their child/ren with the courage and strength pooled from themselves and their own support groups, which may or may not include their ex-husband.

“At the end of the day, I am proud of myself because it takes two people to do what I go through everyday.” Mommy Sarah"

“We deserve respect and support.”
Instead of focusing on what they don’t have or what is not present, everyone must shift their attention to the fact that single mothers are mothers, to begin with. What every mother is willing to give is the same thing, if not more, a single mother is willing to give. However, single moms don’t need to publicly share every task they accomplish everyday for them to be given the respect and support they deserve, whether in the form of words or actions.
“It is important to recognize the hard work and sacrifices that these women make for their families.” Mommy Karen

“I need help from friends and family.”
Given the situation that single mothers face, it is most of the time awkward and uncomfortable to ask for help from others. Then again, it’s the only way for them to be able to finish everything they need to do. Asking for help is always difficult in the beginning, but the courage to do it must begin with acceptance.

“Being a single mom means accepting that you need to ask help from friends and family when you're gone from home. It is accepting that you play both parent roles and you will need to find balance in between.” Mommy Sarah"

“It is all worth it.”
There’s nothing more important for a mother than to see her child/ren at their best every day. A child’s smile and “Thank you, Mom” can melt even the last traces of the day’s exhaustion. No matter how hard a day or a situation has been, mothers will always be fueled and empowered to start another day, all for the love of her children.

“We do not have it easy, that we cry A LOT because we are tired of both roles we juggle every day, BUT IT IS ALL WORTH IT! We do it out of love for our children and not for the applause that we get for being able and strong-willed single mothers.” Mommy Judy

“I will never give up.”
Single moms are often on the receiving end of criticism. In this day and age where technology can speed up sending and sharing of messages, many stories taken out of context are known to the world in an instant. A strong woman is allowed to feel everything, but despite every rock thrown at her, she still chooses to stand up.

“Being a single parent is very overwhelming for me, and the stigma of being a single mother on the internet is depressing and unhelpful but let me tell you one thing: I will never give up.” Mommy Sarah"

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