This Swimwear Collection for Kids Will Make Your Summer Trips Fuss-Free

Summer beach trips are all about making fun memories with the family. If a beach vacation is something new for your little ones, then they will surely welcome the experience with wide-eyed wonder! As you let them explore, you also want to make sure they’re dressed properly so they can play all-day long without any trouble and you won’t have to worry about whether or not they’re protected enough from the heat of the sun. The bean x Anina Rubio swimwear collection is intentionally made for that exact purpose.

To help you pack for your upcoming summer trips, bean collaborated with visual artist and environmental advocate Anina Rubio. This collaboration brings you a swimwear collection that’s interestingly named after Philippine beaches! Take a peek into the collection and what it offers right here. Keep on reading!

It's Built for Kids to Play Freely on Sand and Water
Feeling sand between your toes is surely fun, but having it stick to your clothes? Not so much! It gets pretty uncomfortable especially when you can’t wash it off completely and you end up bringing sand all the way back to your hotel room. What’s great about the bean x Anina Rubio collection is that it features beach ponchos made from microfiber suede, which is a sand-resistant and quick drying material. The kids can run and play on the beach comfortably all-day without sand clinging to their swimsuits and being weighed down by water. If you also want to pack a bit lighter, these ponchos will surely come in handy!

It's Made with Maximum Sun Protection
Another interesting feature of this swimwear collection is that the fabric can shield the little ones from the sun. The swimsuits have built-in Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50+ which blocks about 98% of the sun’s rays. Works just as well as sunscreen! We all know how the heat at the beach can be intense, so this collection gives your kids’ skin an extra layer of protection.

It Gives You a Variety of Options
While protective and practical features are great, it’s also a plus when there are various styles to choose from. It’s simply fun to dress up the kids in cute swimwear, too! The bean x Anina Rubio collection offers one piece swimsuits, coordinates, hooded suits, swimsuits with sleeves and without, and all in vibrant colors. The pieces even come in a baggie that you can use as a wet bag when you hit the beach! How practical and chic, right? You’ll enjoy taking lots of family vacation photos for sure!

It's Reasonably Priced and is Long Lasting
Shopping for swimwear is even better when you know you’re getting good value for your money. The bean x Anina Rubio collection has a reasonable price tag for the excellent quality it offers. One-piece suits for girls start at Php799, while one-piece suits for boys start at Php999. We think this collection is also a good investment because these pieces maintain great quality for a long time. You might even want to hand it down as your little one grows. Pieces in the collection are fit for kids from six months up to eight years old!

A Bonus: The Designs Are Created By a Local Artist
As we have mentioned, this collection is a collaboration between bean and visual artist, environmental advocate Anina Rubio. Through her art, Anina aims to show the importance of sustainability and care for nature. That’s why you’ll notice that this swimwear collection depicts various images of marine life such as starfish, sea horses, turtles, and more. Apart from helping you have a fuss-free vacation, this collection also hopes to encourage parents to teach kids about why protecting the environment, the very surroundings we live in, matters. Truly, what makes this collaboration special is not just the practicality of the pieces but also the advocacy it represents.

If you want to know where you can shop for the bean x Anina Rubio swimwear collection, just visit the edamama app and website or Follow @beanlab on Instagram and on Facebook for more details!

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