No Yaya? Kayang-Kaya! These Moms Show Us How It’s Done!

It is one of the most common parenting struggles today – the struggle of finding a yaya (or a nanny) for your kids.

I personally never thought that I would be able to survive 3 years without a yaya, but along the way, I’ve met more and more moms who have successfully adjusted their lifestyles without any house help. These super-moms let us in on their top tips of doing it all (without a yaya!).

Kate, full-time mom of 2

“I decided not to hire help after I resigned from work 7 years ago. It’s not always easy, but the needs of my children always come first. The chores can wait. I try to accomplish little things every day, so the chores don’t pile up and becoming too overwhelming.”

“Choose your battles, or in this case, chores that you need to prioritize! For me, it is always the bathroom and the kitchen. Also, automate! If you’re set on not getting a helper, invest in a dishwasher, an automatic washer & dryer, a robovac and an Instant Pot if you can.”


Cis, hybrid working-mom of 1:

“We decided not to hire any more help during the pandemic. Since then, my husband and I were able to make it work for us. We’re currently on hybrid set-up at work and only need to be in the office twice a week.”

“Doing a chore every day or focusing on one area of the house everyday helps. I used to set one day for chores, and it can get too overwhelming. My husband takes care with the “heavier chores” like cleaning the cars, garage and mopping the floors. I handle everything else. We capitalize on each other’s strengths.”

“Communicate with your spouse. You are partners in this and should share in the responsibilities. It is hard but it can be done. It gets easier every single day. Time flies so fast that next thing you know the kids will be all grown-up!”


Kaye, full-time working mom of 1:

“Pre-pandemic, my husband and I were lucky to have family members who were able to take care of our child while we were at work. It was like no questions asked, they stepped in to take over childcare because both of us were working full-time in the office.”

“During the pandemic, we were able to work-from-home and spend time with our son. To be able to help him during online classes, I talked to my supervisor at work and was able to get a flexible working schedule.”

“We are very lucky to have a strong and understanding support system in the extended family, in work and in school. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially from family members.”


There are pros and cons of having help at home. From my personal experience, I learned how to look at the bright side of not having any house help – it allowed our family to work together, communicate more effectively, and make it a learning experience for everyone.

We are all in different circumstances, careers, and life-stages. Hearing from these moms, it’s always about finding what works for you and your family. It is not easy, but it will always be worth it.

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