We Asked Teachers If Wooden Toys Are Good for Kids’ Development 

You’ll find many sources, and even fellow Moms, nowadays supporting the benefits of wooden toys. Among these benefits would be for encouraging the imagination, creativity, and learning. We wanted to dig a little deeper and know more about what makes wooden toys truly the best for playtime. Together with Anko and edamama, we talked to teachers to give us their pro insights.

Providing your children with the right materials for learning and development is crucial in their formative years. Everything they find in their playroom and home school area is a bridge towards acquiring skills necessary for them to face the world beyond their homes’ walls.

This is why wooden toys take their spot as one of the best tools for education and play. As a preschool teacher, Kam Cristobal shares, “we love open-ended wooden toys because they foster so much creativity among children. More than aesthetics, wooden toys tend to last longer because the material is very durable. They also provide a multi-sensorial experience as they appeal to a child’s different senses while at the same time stimulating their imagination during play. They also help develop fine motor skills too like grasping and stacking to name a few.”

We Asked Teachers If Wooden Toys Are Good for Kids' Development

As a mom to 3-year-old Peanut, Kam shares that she tries to invest in wooden toys, too. “Yes, they’re a bit more pricey than other toys but the benefits outweigh the costs. Whenever Peanut plays with her wooden block, I notice that she’s more focused and engaged because she can keep exploring the many ways in which she can use her toys. Her houses turn into villages, her roads turn into cities. She also has this sense of pride and accomplishment whenever she creates new things using her wooden toys.”

For Patricia Pacheco Beton, teacher and stay-at-home mom of 1-year-old Gita, wooden toys are one of the best instruments for pretend and imaginative play. “They initiate one’s imagination as well as creativity as it does not set boundaries on what a child can do with the toys. Wooden toys allow the child to explore more ways on how they can play with it such as making certain sounds that create music, building blocks and making a tower, arranging it by sizes, and the like.”

Just like Kam, Patricia also notices that when her child plays with wooden toys, “she displays a level of concentration wherein she performs other skills that create a new level of play for her age.” She also loves observing that her daughter “generates an understanding of cause and effect when playing with wooden toys.”

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