7 Venue Suggestions For Your Child’s First Birthday

As a pandemic parent, I wasn’t able to go all out with my daughter’s first birthday. The first birthday is such a momentous occasion, but as much as our family wanted to plan out a grand celebration for her, all we could think of were safety precautions for everyone. We ended up doing a DIY party at home with just our immediate families around.

Luckily, these days are a far cry from what we experienced just a few years ago. Gatherings and parties are back in full swing. And since the first birthday is such a significant milestone, it can be a cause of stress for some parents just thinking about the perfect venue for the party.

So here’s a roundup of venue suggestions plus their rates and inclusions. Check out which places fit you and your child based on your comfort level, budget, and your personalities.

Classic Kiddie Party Venues

Of course, the classic kiddie party with mascots will always have a special place in a child (or parent’s) heart! What’s great about these venues is that almost everything is already included, such as the venue, food, decorations, party host, and a lot more. One thing that’s good to note is that these venues are available nationwide.

At Jollibee, party packages can start for as low as Php 209 per person, for a minimum headcount of 30 pax. It’s already inclusive of basic decorations, party favors for kids, a gift for the celebrant, and mascot appearance. Parents can opt for add-ons, such as the cake and the appearance of the other Jollibee mascots, among others.

The same goes for McDonald’s. Parents can choose from Food Mixes for adults and kids, ranging from Php 140 up to Php 260 per attendee. Food Mixes for kids already include a Happy Meal toy, but other party favors such as balloons, activity tray mats, and giveaways are also included for booked parties.

Shakey’s is another common go-to venue for kiddie parties. The pizza parlor offers different packages ranging from Php 19K+ up to Php 30K+ depending on the number of pax. Most of the packages already include Monster Meal Deals, thin crust pizzas, party favors for kids, and even Supercards.

Note that packages and add-ons can vary per branch.

Party Venues with Animals

Put a unique twist into your child’s birthday party by holding it in a farm or a zoo. They’ll get to see the animals that they’ve only heard of from songs like “Old Macdonald” and those they’ve read in their board books. Fortunately, there are venue options like these that cater to special events like birthday parties.

One is the Fun Farm at Sta. Elena, where kids can go ride a horse and a carabao-pulled cart. They can also feed the animals! Other activities are included for bigger kids, such as the use of obstacle courses, sand house play, mini row boating, and more. Event rates are at Php 600 per person for 4 hours (inclusive of holding area), but there is a Php 5K corkage fee.

The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena is located within the Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate at Barrio Malitlit, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Advanced bookings are required when visiting.

At Avilon Zoo, rates can start at Php 675+ per head just with the entrance fee, payment for the party area, and corkage for the food. The zoo offers 2 packages which parents can choose from, depending on the number of pax and the number of hours in the venue. Parents can have free reign on the host and decorations, since these aren’t included in the packages.

Avilon Zoo is located at 9003 GP Sitio Gulod, San Isidro, 1860 Rodriguez, Rizal.

Venues with Play Areas

A chance to play is always a win for kids and a sure way to make them happy. Thankfully, there are play places that can be booked for parties and special occasions.

For parents who are coffee lovers or those who want a relaxed birthday party vibe, Kids Wood Play Cafe can be a perfect choice. It offers a different aesthetic from the more common colorful play areas with its wooden Montessori-inspired toys. Currently they are offering 3 packages for parties, ranging from Php 12K-Php 25K, depending on the inclusions such as the food, decorations, and giveaways. All packages are only good for 15 kids and 15 adults.

Kids Wood Play Cafe is located at Ayala Malls Solenad 3, Nuvali.

With its many branches nationwide, Kidzoona is also a great choice. Non-exclusive use of the play areas can range from Php 10K to Php 19K, for a minimum of 20 kids and 20 adults. Packages include the use of the playground for 3 hours, party favors, and a mascot appearance. Some inclusions and rates vary per branch.

Just remember, whether your child’s first birthday celebration is simple or grand, done at home or somewhere extravagant, what’s important is that you are happy and are able to meaningfully celebrate the occasion.

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  1. Excellent suggestions for finding a venue for my child’s first birthday! Safety, spaciousness, and kid-friendly amenities are definitely key factors to consider. Thank you for the helpful article!

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