Let Your Kids Play and Learn with This Wonder Playsuits Collection!

Play is a multi-faceted activity for kids that help them advance physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is why every playtime, we consider the factors that contribute to our kids’ comfort, learning, and pleasure. It’s a tall order to tick all three boxes in one play session, but did you know that you can achieve that just by dressing your child in the right playsuit?

The newest collaboration between bean and local artist Anina Rubio is a Wonder Playsuits Collection of onesies, dresses, and rompers featuring watercolor-based marine life prints for everyday use!

Allow us to walk you through the reasons why this collection is a must-have! For starters, these playsuits are versatile in style, can cater to kids from 0-24 months old, and are easy on the pocket! Wondering what else this collection has to offer? Read on!

It’s suited for indoor and outdoor play.

Kids will walk, run, climb, and slide with comfort and ease because each playsuit is made with breathable and soft fabric. As parents, we don’t have to worry about them getting that sticky feeling from sweat whether they’re playing at home, in an indoor playground, or outdoors! With comfortable playsuits, kids can focus on playing, discovering, and making friends instead of feeling uneasy or asking you to change their clothes from time to time!

Nasugbu (sleeveless onesie set for boys 0-18 months) in color Starfish, PhP 999;  Palaui (flutter sleeves bloomer for girls 0-24 months) in color Coral, PhP 699
Poro (onesie dress for girls 0-18 months) in color Seahorse, PhP 699

It’s an engaging visual aid.

Kids are visual learners. Imagine how curious and engaged they will get once they see the snapshots of marine life in the form of vibrant prints on their playsuits! They will surely not take their eyes off the starfish, seahorses, corals, and fish and may even ask you to name each of them! Younger ones can benefit from naming colors and distinguishing animals and plants, too! Dressing time with these playsuits becomes instant play and learning time! It can even pique their interest in playing with ocean and sea creature toys!

Aklan (dress with bloomer for girls 0-24 months) in Coral Design, PhP 899
Biri (sleeveless romper set for boys 0-24 months) in color Starfish, PhP 1,199

It fosters a connection between kids and the environment.

Engaging visual aids are meaningful conversation starters, too! As your child learns the names of the marine creatures, you can interest them in going on an ocean adventure soon! On a side note, did you know that the pieces in this collection are named after various beaches? (Here’s a tip: You can list down these beaches on your family vacation bucket list!)

But even if you don’t leave the comforts of your home, you can use the playsuits’ designs to subtly instill in your kids the value of caring for marine life, precisely what artist Anina Rubio advocates for! She lives a sustainable lifestyle to help the environment and note how this is a path your kids can take in the future, too! Who knew playsuits’ designs can bring out the inner scientist and environmental advocate in your little ones?


Pulo (short sleeves romper for boys 0-24 months) in color Shark, PhP 749

Wait, that’s not all!

If you’re looking for party or playschool attires for your little one, this collection can make a great canvas! A DIY headpiece and a few accessories to match would make a little charmer and head-turner out of your little one! Oh, how this collection encourages creativity and imagination for the kids and their parents alike! This bean x Anina Rubio Wonder Playsuits Collection will surely provide your kids with the best experiences within their precious hours of play every day!

You can shop for this collection at the bean website, or through the edamama. If you want to know more about this collection, follow @beanlab on Instagram and bean.ph on Facebook!

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