What We’ve Learned from the Moms in Our Lives

Motherhood is a journey like no other. Carrying a child from your womb to your arms is one of the most life-changing things a woman could ever experience.

And so whether she’s your parent, spouse, sister, friend, or daughter, that mom (or those moms!) in your life has a precious story worth learning from.

We took some time to ask a few people about the mothers who inspire them. Read on to learn more!

Lesson #1: You can slay at work and still be a hands-on parent.  Learned from a young working first-time mom

“My daughter Micah used to be a work-driven office and field executive who’s usually out of town or out of the country. But now, I see her finding great fulfillment in raising her cute, talkative 1-year-old daughter. She now stays home and juggles working as a Business Unit Head with being a hands-on mom.

She has become a supermom, and I’m so proud of her. After all the challenges I’ve experienced raising daughters in this generation, she is living proof that it’s still possible to bring up God-fearing children even when you have so much on your plate.” – Beth, mother to Mommy Micah

Lesson #2: Intentionality in relationships is key. Learned from a homeschooling mom

“Through my sister Apple, I’ve learned that motherhood is about purposefully nurturing and raising people through intentional relationships. It’s not just about mastering day-to-day routines with the kids, but also finding fresh and creative ways to mother each child given each one’s unique needs. It’s not about a checklist that you accomplish by the end of each day, but about resting in the knowledge that you did your best to make each moment count.

Thanks to her, I practice the same principles with my nephews and nieces. She reminds me that there is joy in seeing the fruit of our mothering in those lives we have been entrusted with – and that’s more than enough.” – Shy, sister to Mommy Apple

Lesson #3: Bring your kids into your world and watch them grow. Learned from a mompreneur

“As a mompreneur, my friend Camille lets her kids see the world through her work. She usually involves them by getting them to do age-appropriate tasks. She plants the seeds of hard work, diskarte, and creativity in her kids. She also involves her community and family in raising them, cultivating a healthy environment where the kids can grow up surrounded by a loving support system.” – Masie, friend to Mommy Camille

Lesson #4: Believe in your kids and let them know it. Learned from a mom of adult kids

“Mom is one person who has always inspired me. She knows me well and she always has faith in my capacity. This inspires me to stay faithful to the good and to do good for others as well. The way she affirms her trust in me inspires me to stay faithful to good virtues. I love my mom so much!” – Matt, son to Mommy Jot

Lesson #5: Let go, have faith, and express love. Learned from a mom of young kids

“Jo influences me to embrace a bit of spontaneity and appreciate the imperfections of our married and parenting life. She inspires me to have faith to take steps even when it’s hard to see ahead. Jo has a pure and kind heart; she inspires me to do things out of love and to always let our kids know that we love them no matter what.” – Alan, husband to Mommy Jo

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