Practical Breastfeeding Tips from Moms to Moms

New and first-time moms can always rely on books and websites to help them prepare for the long journey that is breastfeeding. Experts in the medical field have generously shared their studies time and again to serve as moms’ pillars in times of uncertainty and worry as they study and familiarize themselves and their babies with breastfeeding.

Not to be ignored and disregarded are moms who share their first-hand experiences in their blogs, vlogs, and social media accounts. These experiences, whether frustrating or successful, serve as other moms’ learning guides.

If you’re still anxious about your upcoming breastfeeding journey or are still figuring out your way around it, here are practical breastfeeding tips from moms you can surely learn from, apply, and pass on!

Spoil yourself with breastfeeding-friendly clothes.

Your schedule is almost always full, thanks to feeding on demand. It’s so easy not to put yourself first, but taking care of yourself and feeling good about yourself is essential, Momma! Are you worried that you might be throwing away good money for “just clothes”? If it makes it easier for you to feed your baby, plus it gives you the confidence boost you need, then it must be worth the splurge!

“Don’t forget to take care of yourself as you’re busy looking after your child and the entire household. Stay fab and stylish by purchasing nursing bras and breastfeeding-friendly tops and dresses. They make feeding little one easier and more comfortable especially when we’re out and about! It’s also a good excuse to go shopping and buy new clothes. We deserve it, mommas!” – Mommy Mabe

Buy lactation cookies.

You probably had to control eating desserts and sweets during your pregnancy, but now that your baby is out, you can indulge more on your favorite treats. Order some lactation cookies to satiate your sweet tooth and at the same time, help you produce milk for your baby. Win-win!

“Treat yourself to lactation snacks that are good for breastfeeding. They’re so delicious, and they help you increase your milk supply too! Remember to always hydrate, keep your flasks near you all the time.” – Mommy Alyzza

Get yourself some sports bras.

While breastfeeding bras are created specifically to make it easier for you to nurse your baby, did you know that there’s an alternative? Sports bras! You can conveniently pull down one side if it’s time to breastfeed. Since sports bras can also look fashionable now, it can up your everyday wardrobe.

“Sports bras are a good alternative to breastfeeding bras. You just pull it down, and voila! You can walk around looking chic as well!” –  Mommy Pia

Stock up on breastfeeding essentials.

When it almost seems impossible to attend to both work and mom duties, just take a deep breath and make sure you have the right support by way of right and complete breastfeeding essentials!

“For working moms who work for 8 hours a day outside the house like me, always make sure that you have your breastfeeding essentials with you: an insulated bag with ice packs, and storage bottles. Also, invest in durable wearable pumps with spare kits – this will help you to multitask while at work. Don’t forget nipple creams as well! You don’t want to damage your main source of liquid gold!” – Mommy Ali

Find ways to get longer sleep.

New moms always crave longer and uninterrupted sleep. When you’re breastfeeding, it’s almost impossible, unless you’ve discovered a secret like this mom has.

“Keep your breasts exposed to get longer sleep. My daughter just latches on to me when she wants.” – Mommy Pia

Teach your baby to latch properly.

It’s never too early for you to teach your baby a new skill: latching!

“During the first week of breastfeeding my little one, I had a sore nipple to the point that blood came running down from it. But a good latch helped me to overcome it! I taught my baby to latch properly by putting my nipple first to his nose down to his mouth so he could open his mouth widely and could access not just my nipple but also my areola. With a bunch of patience, you’ll get through it!” – Mommy Patricia

Be consistent.

Does your breastfeeding journey come with struggles, too? You’re not alone. Whatever solution you have discovered for you and your baby, make sure you stay consistent in doing it.

“I struggled with breastfeeding my son Oncho because he was diagnosed late with a tongue tie. It was difficult for him to latch so I decided to pump instead. I joined an online group of breastfeeding moms and here’s what I learned and applied: breastmilk is like supply and demand, follow the “Magic 8” or pumping every 3 hours / 12, 3, 6, 9 schedules, and be consistent with pumping schedule.” – Mommy Mardie

Treat malunggay as your best friend.

Need we say more? Malunggay is the superfood for breastfeeding moms. You can incorporate it in your regular diet or take lactation enhancing supplements that have this ingredient to help you stay healthy and produce more milk for your baby.

“My top-secret breastfeeding tip is to consume malunggay! It’s really a milk booster.” – Mommy Aara

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