Here’s How You Can Create a Filipino-Inspired Birthday Party

There are a hundred and one themes to choose from when you’re right in the middle of planning your kid’s birthday party. Surely, your kid’s favorite show, song, film, or character will make it to the top of the list!

There are, however, timeless themes to choose from that would fit a birthday party of any age, and which details seem magically fall into place. Take Filipiniana, for example. If your child was born in August, this theme is one of the best considerations since it’s when the country celebrates the Filipino language and culture through the Buwan ng Wika! But all year round, this theme has been the choice of many parents because of how versatile, colorful, and fun it can be! Add to that the learning opportunity for the kids about the Filipino culture that comes with the details and experiences you will choose for the party, and you will definitely have one celebration that is worth remembering.

So, how do you exactly come up with a Filipiniana-themed birthday party? Don’t stress anymore, Moms and Dads! Here are things you can do to make your kid’s party a remarkable one for you and your guests!

Write your Invitations and Party Signages in Filipino

Invitations set the tone of the party, and what better way to do this than to send out invites written in Filipino! Stay on this route at the party itself by having your decorations and signages in the same language. Your guests will surely notice this thought-out and consistent detail, and you can extend Filipino warmth and hospitality by using the native language, too.

Photographer: Little Moments | Boy Parties: Enjoy Filipino Food and Games in Khael’s Barrio Fiesta Birthday!

Wear your Filipiniana Attire
Have your little one dress up for the occasion by having him or her wear the most comfortable Filipiniana attire! The beauty of wearing this is it could be as traditional or as modern as you want it to be. Since a kid’s birthday party is also one of the best times for matchy-matchy outfits with Mommy and Daddy, consider dressing in complementing Filipiniana attires that will also give your family photo a classic and timeless touch.

Photographer: Photography by Regina | Girl Parties: A Fabulous Pinoy Fiesta for Madeleine

Integrate Filipino Symbols 
Transform your home or venue into a Filipiniana party by using elements that are uniquely Filipino! Integrate the fiesta banderitas, banig, anahaw, bilao, bayong, salakot, and the iconic jeepney in your ceiling and wall decorations, as well as in your table centerpieces! The sky is the limit for you, Moms and Dads! You may decorate your cakes and desserts with these details, too!

Photographer: Little Coeo | Boy Parties: A Fun and Bright Filipino Fiesta for Yago

Photographer: Cradles | Boy Parties: A Colorful and Festive Pinoy Themed Party for Macci

Photographer: Joel Aragones Photography | Girl Parties: Enjoy the Sari-Sari Stores and Sorbetes at Reesha’s Intimate Filipino Fiesta!

Serve Pinoy Snacks and Candies
If you are an 80s and 90s kid who is now a parent, you highly likely grew up in a neighborhood where there is a sari-sari store nearby. Recall those colorfully packed candies and snacks that a few coins can buy! Oh what nostalgia and joy they bring to Pinoy kids and kids at heart! (Tip: These snacks and candies can easily be your giveaways as well!)

Photographer: Elmer Garcia Photography | Girl Parties: This First Birthday Party Brings Back Famous 90s Snacks and Candies! 

Set a Kamay-Kainan
Food gives life to any party! Make the feast stick to the theme by initiating a salu-salo by way of a kamay-kainan or boodle fight! If a sit-down lunch or dinner is more comfortable for you, then you can opt for highlighting Filipino dishes and flavors on the menu instead.

Photographer: Cradles | Boy Parties: Seth’s Barangay Bash

Serve Kakanin
If your party falls on merienda time, the signature Filipino kakanin that goes well with coffee, hot tea, or juice is a great addition! The wide variety, colors, and textures of kakanin such as puto, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, biko, palitaw, and others will be a feast for the eyes and tummies of young and old alike!

Photographer: Sofie’s Studio Photography | Boy Parties: Andrei’s Classic Filipino Fiesta! 

Set up a Sorbetes and Fishball Cart!
If you’re looking to recreate the typical Pinoy merienda complete with the mingling and conversing “among the people in the neighborhood,” the sorbetes and fishball cart are your best bets! Kids and adults may fall in line while waiting for the program to start or whenever they wish to have their cones of “dirty ice cream” or their pika-pika treats!

Photographer: Carousel Studios PH by MR Villar | Boy Parties, Girl Parties: A Festive Pinoy Christmas Fiesta for Kaley and Finn

Facilitate Popular Filipino Games
What’s a kid’s party without games? If some of the kids in your party have not personally seen how pukpok palayok and pabitin are played, this is the perfect time to introduce them to these Filipino games! Kids would surely love playing, laughing, and screaming their hearts out – props to you for adding to the kids’ knowledge and experience on all things Filipino!

Photographer: Cradles | Boy Parties: Seth’s Barangay Bash

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