Take Your Family to these Self-Photo Studios in Metro Manila!

Capturing memories through photos has never been easier: gather your family, dress up (or not!), set your phone on a timer, and smile! Your photo has been taken. The best part is – you can do this over and over until you finally get that perfect photo.

Then again, taking photos nowadays is not just about the product. It’s also about the experience! When taking pictures using mobile phones has become the common route, and when the friendliest of photographers make you uncomfortable to pose and smile, innovators are on the rise and quick to come up with a photoshoot experience the whole family will enjoy!

Enter self-photo or self-shoot studios. In case you’re wondering what they are, it’s precisely what its name suggests: a private studio complete with professional equipment such as a camera, photo backdrops of choice, and studio lights – minus the photographer. So how do you take pictures there? You use a trusty remote control, and click it when your smiles are ready! Photos will be printed right away, will be given to you as soft copies, or both – according to the package that you chose.

If you want this experience for your pre-nup shoot, maternity shoot, baby’s and furbaby’s milestones, family members’ birthdays and anniversaries, graduation shoot, or even a family photo session just because, here are self-photo studios in the metro you can definitely check out!

Atomm Studios Quezon City and Alabang

A Studios Manila and South Caloocan

Backroom Studios Makati and Quezon City

Mvtual Studios Intramuros, Manila

Mirror Studios Pasig and Quezon City

Ikami Studio Marikina

Studio 819 Malabon

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