Moms Share Light and Funny Breastfeeding Stories

Breastfeeding comes with sleepless nights, back pains, and painful latches that make moms feel beat and blue. While these cannot be removed from the overall experience, breastfeeding remains to be a fulfilling and heartwarming experience in many ways than one!

Take these light and funny stories from moms themselves, that prove that breastfeeding has the power to lift a mom’s mood and turn her heavy and tiring day around!

Moms Share Light and Funny Breastfeeding Stories

The very first time my daughter latched, she smiled… then hiccupped! How I wish I caught it on video! Mommy Anjelina

I think he was less than a month then. I was breastfeeding him in the afternoon and of course, as a new mom, I really needed to get some sleep. I fell asleep for a few seconds and didn't notice that my nipple was already on his forehead! Poor kid, he probably wondered where the milk went! Mommy Ces

I always find it funny when I’m nursing my son, he’d look straight into my eyes, and then he’d unlatch himself and give me a beaming and playful smile. Mommy Alyzza

Every time my baby latches, I can’t always figure out the look on my face because of the pain. Then when I think she’s asleep, I slowly remove my nipple, only for my baby to pull it again! I’m torn between screaming from pain and laughing hard! From then on, I've learned that I have to let her let go of the nipple, so it doesn't hurt that much. Mommy Lucky

Because my milk ducts would always get clogged, my OB advised that I do dangle feeding. My son Coco must have noticed the new way I feed him. One time, I saw him imitating my position. He would even lift his shirt as if he would feed one of the stuffed toys that sleeps next to him in bed! Mommy Liza Mae

Since I breastfed my firstborn, it was difficult for him to wean because breastfeeding also became his comfort and lullaby to sleep. So when my youngest came, I always remind him to wait for his turn. One time, he was already very sleepy that he told me, "Mama, can I dede na? I'll count one to ten and it's my turn." I was laughing hard kasi may pag count ng one to ten pa! Mommy Rachel

Enzo is a “gigil” and giggly baby boy. He can’t help but give a love bite while we’re breastfeeding. And funny how I can resist the urge to scream so he won’t feel I’m mad or annoyed. In the end, I’ll just laugh, and he will giggle all the way. Mommy Gizelle

Our first few months were hard because he was tongue-tied and I had an inverted nipple but with determination from both of us, we were able to surpass that stage. I can still remember the days that we will stare at each other while he feeds and smiles in between. Those were days that milk will just spray on his face when feeding! Mommy Dianne

My four-month-old son has a habit of unlatching and latching when he gets distracted by noise, so I was nursing him one day while I was engorged. He quickly unlatched himself, and milk began to spray on his face. I aimed it at his mouth while he was smiling because obviously, I couldn't let it go to waste but then the milk poured out the sides of his little mouth. This in turn made him laugh. It was the cutest thing ever! Mommy Kaye

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