What to Do When Flight with Kids Gets Delayed or Cancelled

Watching the news about several flight delays and cancellations in our local airport must have caused you anxiety, especially those who will travel internationally for the first time. Aside from the inclement weather, power outages, airport glitches, and engine failures also cause delayed and cancelled flights. If your kids are in tow, it will take you more than a few deep breaths to come out of the stress bubble induced by these sudden changes.

How do you Moms and Dads handle a tense situation like this like a pro? Here are a few tips:

What to Do When Flight with Kids Gets Delayed or Cancelled

Know the complete details of the situation. It is imperative that you, as an affected passenger, make an effort to know all the details of the situation. What is the reason behind the delay or cancellation? Will the flight be rebooked on the same day? Will there be other charges? What compensations are covered by the airline? What are you supposed to do now? Who will you be in touch with for further announcements and instructions? Answering these questions and more will help you stay on top of the situation no matter how tense it currently looks. The answers will also provide clarity on what you need to do regarding work arrangements, if any, and best of all, will guide you to carry out your game plan for your kids.

Check the time. As soon as your when questions are answered, check the time and compute the difference between now and the new boarding time. Knowing this helps you create a new schedule for meal time, nap time, or playtime.

Explain the situation to your kids. If you already have an initial game plan in place, you can proceed with calmly explaining the situation to your kids. Be very careful not to pass on your stress to your little ones! Just let them know matter-of-factly that you won’t be boarding in the initially expected time. Sharing your game plan with them works too, and involve them by asking, “Does this sound good to you?”

Bring out your bag of tricks! No one wishes for travel hiccups especially if it’s for a family vacation! But even then, make sure the toys, activity books, and travel games to entertain your little one are with you. You may also roam around the airport for an instant field trip! If you have toddlers old enough to understand, it may be the perfect time to educate them (and yourself, too!) about the different places and people there. You may even initiate your own airport games to pass the time, taking off with the famous, “I spy with my little eye…”

Bring out your bag of tricks! Delays entail waiting. But no matter how short or long the waiting gets, it is still precious time you can use to make memories with your family. Take pictures, share stories, and learn more about each other. This might be a much-used saying, but look at the brighter side of things! In unexpected times, you can demonstrate an attitude of gratitude for your kids and family to take after.

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