Here’s What You Should Do With Your Kids’ Photos on Your Phone

Admit it, Moms: You have a gazillion photos of your baby on your phone. Who could blame you? Your baby grows up so fast, and the only way you can freeze the current moment is through the photos (and videos!) you take. However, since these photos easily pile up and your phone has limited storage, you can’t solely rely on it to have these photos saved for life. So, what should you do to keep these precious snapshots intact? Check out our step-by-step suggestions!

Here's What You Should Do With Your Kids' Photos on Your Phone

Step One: Set up a Digital Filing System. The gazillion baby photos on your phone are not all there is. Your husband, parents, in-laws, and closest friends also have their own galleries of your baby’s photos! You may want to collect them as well, but please don’t do so without a digital filing system in place.

One of the easiest ways to keep and track your baby’s photos is to sort them by year, and then by month in separate folders. Your kid will need milestone photos in school one day, so for more convenient tracing, you may already create separate folders labeled accordingly: “Baptism / Dedication” or “First Birthday,” for example.

Step Two: Consolidate the Photos. Once this digital filing system is in place, you may use cloud-based storage to collect photos from different gadgets. (Tip: You may create an email address exclusively for this purpose!) Share the unique link to the folder where your family and friends can upload the photos from their phones.

Consolidating photos for special events such as birthdays may also be done on some social media platforms, where you have the option to add your family and friends as contributors to the album. However, since photos are usually compressed in social media, this wouldn’t be a recommended way to keep your photos for a long time.

Step Three: Back Up Your Photos. Immortalizing your baby’s photos will take more than just consolidating them into digital folders. With fast technological changes, backups are necessary. Maximizing your cloud-based storage is one way, but if you exceed the storage limit for free use, you will need to upgrade through a monthly subscription.

Since cloud-based storage may only be accessed with an internet connection, you may also want to create a backup through physical storage such as a flash drive, or external hard drive. This way, you also keep your desktop or laptop free of your baby’s photo library because this will take up a lot of storage space. Label your hard drives and avoid saving work files in them!

Step Four: Print Your Favorites! Your favorites usually make it to social media but seeing them off-screen is also a good idea! Print, sort, and label them accordingly into photo albums or photo boxes! You may opt to have them printed in photobooks, too. You can also unleash your creative soul and have these photos in scrapbooks or journals along with other mementos.

If there are a few extra special photos from the lot, you may frame them, or print them on wood or canvas to be hung on the wall or displayed on your living room or bookshelves. You can even place them on your workstation for inspiration!

Step Five: Sort Photos Regularly Going through a lot of photos may be overwhelming, but it can be a lot easier when done periodically. It can also be a breeze with your system in place! After all, it’s so much fun seeing how much our baby’s grown and it’s satisfying to know we’ve got the gazillion photos under control, right?

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