Here’s Your Gift Guide for Every Kid on Your Christmas List

For a parent, grandparent, ninong or ninang, every holiday season is a meaningful pursuit of knowing the personality of every kid on their Christmas list and matching it with the most appropriate gift. Guided by the Myers-Briggs Personality Types, our friends from Anko promise that there’s a gift for every kid on your Christmas list!

Don’t miss this holiday gift guide! Read on.

Here's Your Gift Guide for Every Kid on Your Christmas List

For your little architect
As strategic thinkers, architects plan everything. Inspire them to list down where they plan to travel next with this doll & car set.

Anko Doll & Beach Car Set, PhP 949

For your little logician
Your little logicians will enjoy toys that will quench their thirst for curiosity and knowledge. These innovators will have endless time of fun with this block set.

Anko Soft Building Blocks (40pcs), PhP 749

For your little commander
Bold and strong-willed, little commanders are born leaders. They love spending time with people and are capable of uniting them towards a common goal. Wouldn’t this castle block set help them take command of their own castle and encourage their playmates to build their biggest and wildest dreams with it, too?

Anko Wooden Rainbow Castle Block Set, PhP 1,199

For your little debater
For smart and curious little debaters, anything that is unique or distinct is highly appealing. They will also not pull away from anything that stimulates their intellect or a new experience that only a few have tried. Ask the kids in a room who’d like to try to draw the path that this robot will follow, and expect your little debater’s hand to be up in the air first!

Anko Maze Master Robot Challenge Set, PhP 1,343.30

For your little advocate
Advocates don’t need to be impressed with lavish and fancy. All they need is something that aligns to their passions and causes. They would love to receive meaningful gifts, such as wooden toys to save the environment.

Anko [Bundle of 4] Wooden Car Bundle Full Set, PhP 1299.04

For your little mediator
If you have a kind, poetic, and creative kid then they are surely a little mediator! He or she will love creating art and releasing big emotions through these arts & crafts gift bundles.

Anko [Bundle of 2] 40 Pack Coloured Markers in Tube + 36 Pack Colour Pencils, PhP 498.99

Anko [Bundle of 2] 4 Pack Scented HB Pencils + 40 Pack Coloured Gel Pens, PhP 399.99

For your little protagonist
Your little protagonists love caring for home, nature, and other people. What better gift to give them than a simulation of these tasks they love doing? They will surely learn to take care of their bountiful blessings by attending to the details of this dollhouse, anytime, anywhere.

Anko Wooden Suitcase Dollhouse (26pcs), PhP 1,499

For your little campaigner
Creative and enthusiastic, your little campaigners love doing projects and giving and sharing. These two passions are addressed by a gift like a bead jewelry set, that they can use to make something special to give to another.

Anko Personalised Bead Jewellery Set, PhP 499

For your little logistician
The most practical among all, your little logistician will love anything they can use. They’d surely grow up to be simple and pragmatic, so non-toy items such as a feeding set they can use daily or strollers they can use for going out is the way to their heart.

Anko Silicone Feeding Set (6pcs), PhP 1,299

Anko [Bundle of 3] Foldable Upright Stroller + Stroller Clip + Stroller Hook(2s), PhP 1,998.86

Anko [Bundle of 3] Foldable Upright Stroller + Stroller Clip + Cup and Phone Holder, PhP 2199.04

For your little defender
As committed protectors, your little defenders love creating a warm and safe home for everyone – including pets! They will make sure that their loved ones, pets, or even toys, will feel loved, cared for, and secured under their watch.

Anko [Bundle of 2] Pet Slow Eat Mat + Metal Gate (with 2 Extensions), PhP 3,162.43

For your little executive
If you observe your little one having a knack at managing and overseeing playmates or possessions, then he or she is a little executive. Gift them something that will unleash their competitive spirit – such as building a skyscraper or a modern home through a magnetic tiles set.

Anko 18 Piece Magnetic Tiles Set, PhP 799

For your little consul
Little consuls are highly social, and would love preparing for and entertaining guests. Train them to be gracious hosts with the supermarket and food playsets!

Anko Supermarket Playset, PhP 2,750.30

Anko 90-Piece Play Food Set, PhP 649

For your little virtuoso
Little virtuosos spend time in mastering their hobbies and activities. Support them by gifting them a wooden tool set that would further spark their interest in the nitty gritty of their craft.

Anko Wooden Tool Box Set, PhP 1,099

For your little adventurer
What little adventurers find appealing is beauty in all sense of the word. They also easily become content with little, so a pretend spa set is the most appropriate gift for beauty and contentment combined.

Anko Wooden Day Spa Set (12pcs), PhP 929

For your little entrepreneur
Active and dynamic, little entrepreneurs would prefer experiences as gifts. Why not give them a tangible gift that allows them to play and explore at the same time?

Anko [Bundle of 2] Alphabet Foam Playmat + Sensory Ball Pit, PhP 1,798.90

For your little entertainer
Your little entertainers love to spend time singing and dancing, so give them gifts that will allow them to be their authentic and enthusiastic selves! This musical gift set will spark their creativity through music, and will encourage them to create happy memories for themselves and the people around them.

Anko Musical Gift Set, PhP 999

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