Here’s How to Toddler-Proof Your Christmas Decors

As Filipinos, Christmas is in our DNA. We put up our decorations as soon as the -ber months roll in. However, while putting up the Christmas tree, the ornaments, the belen, and parol seems just like another ordinary task, it poses a challenge for families who have young kids. The thought of your toddler pulling down in a minute all you’ve worked hard for in hours or days is indeed anxiety inducing! I should know: last Christmas, my almost two-year old daughter would take the different ornaments from our Christmas tree and play with them as if they’re her toys.

It seems like it’s just a phase, however. Now that my daughter is almost three, she better understands what the decorations are for and just touches, instead of remove, the ornaments. Of course, she’s still fascinated by them, but some constant reminding helps. So parents, there is hope!

If you’re still doing the finishing touches of your home’s holiday decorations and wondering how you’ll finish or how your decorations will stay put throughout the holidays with curious little ones around, here are a few tips from fellow moms!

Here's How to Toddler-Proof Your Christmas Decors

Involve your kids in decorating While this may seem counterintuitive, this suggestion might just be the one you need to hear. Through their participation, your kids will learn to take responsibility in both putting up and keeping the decorations.

“The sense of ownership they gain from helping out in putting up a Christmas tree might stop them from destroying the tree later on." Mommy Joen, mom to 5-year-old Athena

"Add personalized decorations, such as those with family pictures or their names, so that the kids really feel that they’re a part of this yearly tradition." Mommy Sarah, mom to 5-year-old Josh, 1-year-old Quin, and newborn Savvy

Integrate storytelling A bit of storytelling will be appreciated by toddlers who are a bit older. This works for us when my daughter sees the animals from the belen. We try to explain the importance of the nativity story to her so that she doesn’t play with the delicate figurines. Adding a little humor to your story won’t hurt as well.

"I tell my little one to not play with the Christmas tree because Santa Claus won’t be able to put gifts if it’s broken." Mommy Shiela, mom to 4-year-old Alonzo

Keep decors out of reach  On the other hand, some moms just keep the Christmas decorations out of their kid’s reach for practical and safety reasons.

"This trick not only works for our one year old, but also for our pet cat." Mommy Molly, mom to 16-month-old Clara

"I placed our small Christmas tree on a corner of our dining table where my toddler wouldn’t be able to reach it." Mommy Anelle, mom to 2-year-old Geo and newborn Georgie

"Keep the ornaments on the upper half of the Christmas tree." Mommy Sarah, mom to 5-year-old Josh, 1-year-old Quin, and newborn Savvy

Go for bigger and lighter ornaments. Keep the tiny ornaments which are choking hazards for kids, and opt to use the bigger but lighter ones instead.

"Since kids tend to easily pick up small and light objects to put in their mouths, go for big ornaments in the meantime. Also, avoid those decors which small parts can be detached." Mommy Ria, mom to 1-year-old Gabriela

Skip the Christmas Tree Moms and Dads, if putting up a Christmas tree is just going to be too stressful for you to secure everyday, you may consider not putting it up this year at all. You can still feel the joy that Christmas brings by decorating with lights, wreaths, or throw pillow covers with holiday designs. You can also keep it simple by just hanging a lantern or parol outside of your house.

Kids will only be little for a short time. Soon enough, they’ll also appreciate the decorations we put up without treating them like toys. Allow them to enjoy this season by making sure their holidays are

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