What Makes a Cool Kiddie Meal?

You don’t usually order a separate meal for your younger kids when you dine out, do you? You know how a few spoonful’s enough to make them satisfied. However, when your kids reach the age when they have a much bigger appetite, they will definitely need (or demand) another set of meal.

This can be quite a challenge for you or your budget, but thankfully, there are restaurants offering cool kiddie meals that will give you value for your money. So, what do kids totally love and parents approve of in kid’s meals? Here are some factors:

What Makes a Cool Kiddie Meal?


If you find it hard to have your kids sit at the dining table for a full meal, you know very well that creativity is the name of the game! Every little detail that will make your kids go, “Wow!” the moment their food arrives gets an automatic thumbs up. Check out these cool vehicles as serving trays for kids’ meals!

Serving Size

Let’s get this straight: a huge serving size doesn’t necessarily equate to value for money. Sometimes, less is more most especially when it comes to kids’ meals. You don’t want to serve them something to the point of overwhelm, and you don’t want them to finish the humongous serving out of guilt. A serving size fit for your little ones is just perfect for a few hours of good dining time. Hash brown bites, anyone?

Kid-Approved Food

There are literally a lot of food choices for your kids in different restaurants, but ask them what they want to eat and spaghetti, chicken, pizza, or fries will surely be on top of their mind! You can’t blame them – these staple food are easy to eat, always palatable, and a sure source of comfort for them on an exciting day out.

Treats and Toys

Ahh, toys and collectibles! Watch your kids’ eyes light up at the mention of the food chain or restaurant that offers toys and treats they’re eyeing to collect. These perks guarantee that your kids’ tummies and hearts are full as you leave their establishment. As parents, you’d want nothing more than this satisfaction from your kids, you agree?

Deals and Promos

As a mindful and intentional parent, you always make sure that there’s extra budget for your kid when you dine out. After all, you never know what they’d fancy for a certain meal! But have you ever checked out restaurants that offer free meals for kids? Terms and conditions apply, of course, but this is exactly why you plan every dine out. Right, Moms and Dads?

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