Breastfeeding Freedom: Tips to Feeding Anytime, Anywhere in 2024!

As a breastfeeding mom, there’s hardly ever a time you are away from your baby for long. Sometimes, breastfeeding even calls you to bring your little one to errands, to malls, to lunch or functions, and yes, even to parties. While many of these breastfeeding sessions in public go well, some are not as smooth as the others – and this is completely okay.

The key is to be patient and open, and to be confident in advocating for your right whenever and wherever you need to breastfeed. Curious on how you can do it? Here are practical steps:

Breastfeeding Freedom: Tips to Feeding Anytime, Anywhere in 2024

Brush up on laws regarding breastfeeding.
Laws in the Philippines supporting breastfeeding moms do not just offer relief, but also assurance and security. For example, Republic Act 10028 or “Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009” states that the Philippines “shall promote and encourage breastfeeding and provide the specific measures that would present opportunities for mothers to continue expressing their milk and/or breastfeeding their infant or young child.”

These laws give you confidence to properly confront strangers who give you awkward stares while you breastfeed in public.

Use breastfeeding stations when needed.
Although breastfeeding stations in establishments are also mandated by RA 10028, these are made for actual use of moms and babies. All you need to do is research ahead of time so you can check whether the place you’re going to has an available lactation station. You may also ask staff and personnel where this is located in a mall or establishment.

Spot any safe and comfortable area for breastfeeding.
In case your baby goes too fussy and cannot wait for a long walk to breastfeeding stations (or if none is currently available in the area), know that hallways, cafes, restaurants, parks, or food court are places you can breastfeed, for as long as they are safe from anything that could harm your baby or make him/her uncomfortable such as extreme heat, smoke, and dust.

Wear nursing clothes as a badge of honor.
As a breastfeeding mom, you have a variety of options nowadays when it comes to pretty and stylish breastfeeding clothes. Fun colors, prints, and cuts are available for you to include in your daily wardrobe and to flaunt your breastfeeding journey!

No matter how trivial this will sound to some, the right set of clothes will empower you to continue what you love to do, without compromising both your comfort and your baby’s needs. Alternatively, you may also get nursing covers to match your style!

Share your breastfeeding experiences.
There’s power in your experiences as a breastfeeding mom. Using your social media pages or your stories shared with friends and family, you give voice to moms who are otherwise hesitant or afraid to share their stories. Let them know their sentiments are heard and their efforts are seen, and pass on the encouragement to continue to breastfeed in public until breastfeeding stigmas are completely out of the picture.

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  1. my experiences nakaka gutom ng malala at nakaka puyat mag pa breastfeed lalo na kapag kasarapan na ng tulog need mo talaga gumising para mag padede pero wort it naman kasi healty si baby dahil sa gatas ko

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