Quick and Practical Valentine’s Date Ideas for Parents

As a parent, you understand that time is a limited resource, so much so that it has become a challenge for you to squeeze in time away with your spouse on Valentine’s Day.

But, as the old adage goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way! After all, you need time out – no matter how short – to rekindle the love that may be pushed to the side by the daily grind.

Here are quick and practical date ideas on V-Day you can totally steal from the moms in the Baby and Breakfast community!

Quick and Practical Valentine's Date Ideas for Parents

"An early morning road trip" -Mommy Tricia

Without heavy traffic and deafening noise, this time of the day is serene and intimate, as you also get to witness the sun rise. Your destination need not be fancy, too. You can park at an empty lot, bring some homemade goodies for breakfast, and set up your trunk with pillows and blankets! Unplug from the digital world and revisit plans, celebrate achievements, and build more dreams in your conversations. Add some fun by trying to get back home before the kids wake up!

"Massage Date" -Mommy Crisselle

It’s time to put that long overdue massage date plan to reality! Book your massage (and probably get a V-day promo or discount as a treat) and spend an hour or two relaxing with your significant other. What’s best is that you can book this date anytime of the day! With this as your choice, you will go home to your kids with your energy level high and your love tank full.

"A nice brunch with my family" -Mommy Yana

The nicest thing about brunch is that it integrates the brevity of breakfast and the fullness of lunch. It thrives in simplicity, but it can also be creative and fancy. So go ahead and bring out your fine china and do a romantic napkin fold to reflect the celebration, and you’re set to have a meal that’s out of the ordinary. You may also prepare a special family-friendly drink or a nice dessert for a filling meal for both the heart and tummy.

"Home cooked dinner date" -Mommy Hazel

What’s great about a home-cooked dinner date is that it speaks “labor of love” in so many ways. Whether you and/or your spouse are whipping up a casserole, a steak, or your favorite homemade fried chicken, the time you spend preparing in the kitchen and savoring the dishes is more than enough I love yous translated.

"Early bedtime for the kiddo, Netflix, GrabFood" -Mommy Apol

You deal with your kids’ ever-changing sleep schedules, and an early bedtime for them would be such a gift for Valentine’s Day. So as not to disrupt their sleep, turn the volume a little softer for your Netflix date and order some food via a delivery app and you’re on for a traffic-free, relaxing, and romantic night.

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