8 Maternity-Friendly Leggings Made for Every Mama’s Body

We all know pregnancy comes with its own unique set of curveballs and challenges, so can we all agree that there’s no reason to add discomfort to the mix? How can moms avoid wearing clothing that restricts their movement or makes them feel any less confident? Maternity leggings is the answer! The comfortable fabric and […]

You’re Invited to Breakfast at Marvel’s for Her First Birthday Bash!

This Breakfast at Tiffany’s-inspired bash was a joint celebration for Marvel’s baptism and first birthday party. Daddy Ryan and Mommy Erika made sure it was an extra special day for Marvel by bringing to life the classic Audrey Hepburn movie. The restaurant venue was decorated in pearls, balloons, and props painted Tiffany blue, while Marvel […]

A Sporty and Stylish Maternity Shoot for Peter June Simon and Jehza Huelar

Former PBA Player Peter June Simon and Beauty Queen Jehza Huelar team up for for a hip and enjoyable maternity shoot to announce they’re expecting their first child! The couple chose a cozy venue in Davao for the shoot, which was full of unique corners and spaces to match the different themes and outfits. From […]

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Here Are the Answers to Your Questions about Purchasing Pre-loved Baby Gear!

Kids—they grow up so fast. And as a parent, it’s important to keep in mind how quickly your little one will outgrow the baby gear you’ve invested in. Fortunately, in the era of sustainability, you’ll never have to toss out a great booster seat or let a pricy stroller gather dust in storage. Meet Nextmom: […]