Enjoy Filipino Food and Games in Khael’s Barrio Fiesta Birthday!

Remember the days when you’d see kids playing agawan bitin and pukpok palayok at every party? Super heroes and cartoon characters may reign supreme these days, but Khael’s mom and dad made sure he didn’t miss out on this Filipino tradition! To bring the barrio fiesta theme to life, they served flavorful Filipino fare, dressed […]

The Look


Baby-Wearing 101: Let’s Talk about the Basics and the Benefits

The concept may be new to you so first, we answer the question: what is baby-wearing? Baby-wearing is the act of carrying your baby close to your body with the help of a special carrier. Parents have been baby-wearing for centuries because of how it benefits the baby and the connivence of hands-free care it […]

6 Easy Things You Can Clean Up to Reduce Clutter-Causing Anxiety

If you’ve ever looked around your room or any messy space and suddenly felt anxious and overwhelmed, you are not alone. It’s normal to feel exhausted just thinking about the amount of cleaning you need to do. You also shouldn’t feel guilty if the thought of cleaning is more stressful than it is therapeutic for […]

A Coachella-Inspired Party and Community Pantry for Ava’s First Birthday

Wins and milestones, no matter how big or small they may seem, are always worth celebrating—a healthy pregnancy and making it through another year during a pandemic is no exception. Due to the current situation, Ava’s parents decided to throw an intimate celebration and instead of a grand guest list, they shared their blessings to […]