Common Illnesses Per Age Group: Their Causes and How to Prevent Them

Knowledge is power, as the common saying goes, and with numerous illnesses that can afflict our little ones, we should stock up on information, such as causes, symptoms, prevention methods, and treatments as much as we can. So here is a list of common illnesses that kids usually get per age group. Tagged: common childhood […]

5 Post-Maternity Brands That Will Make You Look and Feel Better

Let’s be honest moms, we don’t exactly feel the best after giving birth. There are a lot of changes (again) to get accustomed to after giving birth, and it’s safe to say that our bodies are one of them. Arms, belly, thighs–you get the picture, right? Pair that with our paranoia to leave the house […]

6 Fun and Practical Gift Ideas for Kids Ages 0-2

Let’s face it, babies under one year old don’t really need or understand the meaning of gifts. But cross that one year old mark, and suddenly they start to appreciate (age-appropriate of course!) toys. And with the Christmas season so close, giving your the little ones (whether your own or someone else’s) gifts is just […]

Here’s What Your Newborn’s Poop Color Actually Means

Believe it or not, like it or not, your baby’s poop is actually a good indication of your baby’s health. Yes, you heard that right–your baby’s poop. As is normal, your baby’s poop is also an indication of his or her diet. Whether you are feeding your newborn formula or breastfeeding, their stools may have […]