A Fresh and Dainty Color Palette with Gold Accents for Yana’s Christening

Fresh and dainty blooms, festive bright balloons, and a chic color palette are the elements that will make you wish you were a part of this day! Yana’s Christening is proof that mixing and matching diverse details is an idea worth trying for your next celebration. We also loved the moon and twinkler details that […]

Let’s Talk About Puppy Love: How to Deal When Your Child Has a Crush

Is your child feeling puppy love? Perhaps your little one is crushing on the kid next door or spending a lot of time with a classmate in school—the “first crush” stage can be adorable but also dramatic! While this phase can sometimes fluster or catch you off guard, you don’t really have to worry about […]

5 Ways You Can Involve Your In-Laws in Taking Care of Your Kids

“Sweets won’t hurt for the baby, so let him have it.”    “Noong panahon ko, di naman ganyan magpalaki ng bata.”    “This is the right thing to do– ganito ko pinalaki yung asawa mo.”   Do these lines sound familiar to you? The baby has arrived, and while it is a happy thought, this […]

5 Holiday D.I.Y. Projects That Are Perfect for Bonding Moments with the Kids

Does your kid love arts and crafts? As you spend your time with your children during the holidays, you can also make use of this moment to get creative! Instead of binge-watching a tv show or letting them play a game on their tablets, get your kid’s hands dirty by crafting some D.I.Y Christmas decorations […]