Unicorn Wonderland

Prepare to be dazzled by today’s feature! Isobel’s unicorn birthday party surely took baby parties to a whole ‘nother level. Thanks to Studio 629 for capturing this enchanting day! I sure felt like I was in a magical kingdom! With an overdose of pink, pastries, and prettiness styled by Party Magic, I can truly say that this is […]

Little Sumo Bash

Need a dose of cuteness in your system? Good news is, you’re in the right place! Toby just had the most adorable sumo-inspired birthday bash styled by Michelle Lao from Party Magic! Thanks to Ice Ong Photography for capturing the whole event! Stay with us and fill your morning with bliss! What we’re digging: That […]

Sweet Little Cupcake

Hello, Cupcake! Oops, we just gave away the theme for today’s shoot photographed by Den Llanos Dee of Delightful Little Darlings. They say that there’s nothing in this world a cupcake can’t fix, and looks like this little bundle of joy couldn’t agree with us more! I mean, c’mon just look at that big smile […]

Madamoiselle Anya’s Chic Tea Party

What better way to spend the outdoors than with a cup of tea and a little pastry on the side? Bring out your chic afternoon tea dresses, as we venture to Madamoiselle Anya’s Shabby Chic Tea party captured by Dandelion Photography. Anya’s birthday set-up surely made our pinkies raise with the rustic and dainty feel. Party Wonderland surely created […]

The Look