A Little Prince Outdoor Party for Baby Noah!

Baby Noah celebrated his first birthday with a party inspired by The Little Prince! This small celebration was full of love, all thanks to Mommy Nica’s attention to detail. The setup featured so many references to the beloved book. Our favorite detail is the beautiful Little Prince cake! Baby Noah’s parents made sure everything was […]

The Look


Here’s What You Can Do with the Clothes Your Child Outgrows!

Kids grow so fast, sometimes it seems like they’ve outgrown their clothes before they’ve even had the chance to use them! But instead of just throwing out these clothes, why not put them to good use? Given how many clothes end up in landfills, it’s important that we care about where our textiles go when […]

Check Out These Cute Korean Minimalist Cakes for Your Kid’s Next Birthday!

It’s no wonder why minimalist Korean cakes have taken Instagram by storm over the last year! These single tier buttercream cakes are not only yummy, they also feature such simple and stunning designs. The best thing about these cakes though is that they are truly customizable: the buyers get to choose both the design and […]

Vera’s First Birthday Party Was Elegant and Dainty With a Fun Korean Doljabi Tradition!

Baby Vera’s first birthday party was an elegant and feminine celebration! With a palette of soft pink, gold, and white, Vera’s parents came up with a vision of a classic floral theme that was simple and dainty. It was a blended party with onsite and virtual guests that incorporated activities everyone could participate in. Think […]