Flippin’ Pinks and Florals

Who says bright colors and florals are out? Just because summer’s a little over, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a dash (or maybe loads) of colors. Just look at this adorable Happy Folks Studio set that we have in our hands today. I totally flipped over in excitement upon seeing Erin Gabrielle’s party inspired by Lily Pulitzer! What we’re digging: Colors… […]

The Look


7 Ways to Create a Star Wars-Inspired Kiddie Room

Dun dun dun.. duuuun dudunnn, duuuun dudunnn… Are you a Star Wars fanatic? Why not step up your fandom level by making it a family affair? Spruce up your little one’s room and make it different from the rest! Check out these cool ways to decorate your kid’s playroom.   1. Decorate light covers Teaching your kids how […]

Racing with Racer

Definitely heard some cheering in the background as I scrolled through these adorable photos by Delightful Little Darlings of Racer… racing! Totally rooting for this little tot as the most adorable car guy! Just look at him owning it in his photos. See the full gallery for today’s overdose of cheeky cuteness! Happy Wednesday darlings! What we’re digging: […]

Lauren’s Pixie Wonderland

You’ve definitely heard Peter Pan say “all it takes is a little faith, trust, and a little pixie dust” when it comes to flying, but through visiting this magical party you don’t need pixie dust to fly! Thanks to our pals from Delightful Little Darlings, we’ll be able to fly to Neverland for free! See how incredible Parties Inc. styled this uber […]