Handle Life Changes After Having Kids with These Coping Tips!

Being a mom and starting a family has always been part of the dream. But now that it’s all here and you really are a mom, life has changed drastically in ways you could never have predicted. So although we can easily come by parenting tips and how-tos for handling our kids, it often feels […]

10 Strategies You Can Use on Your Picky Eaters

It’s incredibly frustrating for parents to have children that refuse almost all kinds of food except bacon and fried chicken. This is especially hard when you have a party to go to where the menu is out of your hands, or when you want to have a “civilized” family meal in a place that doesn’t […]

How to Wean Your Kids Off Their Gadgets (Without Going Insane!)

Does your child suddenly speak with a British accent? Chances are, she is hooked on Peppa Pig. Is slime-making an utmost concern? Check how many hours she spent logged on to Youtube watching D.I.Y. video tutorials. Are you having a hard time asking her to put her gadgets down and have an actual conversation that […]

What to Expect During Each Week of Your Pregnancy

Yes! You’re pregnant! Once you’ve gotten past the initial shock and happiness that comes with seeing two stripes on your pregnancy test, the whirlwind begins. Doctor’s visits, tests, and of course, the big announcement to family and friends are to be expected. Before you even get to the cute parts such as buying the tiniest […]