A Festive Pinoy Christmas Fiesta for Kaley and Finn

Nothing beats a traditional Filipino celebration because it’s so festive and fun! That’s why I’m really ecstatic to show you the photos of Kaley and Finn’s Pinoy Christmas fiesta from Carousel Studios PH by MR Villar. It’s full of colorful details plus lots of traditional Filipino snacks! I can’t wait to share the whole set […]

7 Music Schools You Can Enroll Your Kids in This Year

It’s (still kinda) the start of a new year, and that means new things to learn and experience. Today’s new thing to learn? Music! Kids may develop early interests in singing and playing instruments such as the guitar, the piano, drums, etc., but how do you harness these skills? Let the experts bring out their […]

Addie’s Adorable Song of the Sea Inspired Party

If you’re an ocean lover like me, you’ll find Addie’s birthday party really charming. But not only that, this party was actually inspired by the animated movie, Song of the Sea! The lovely setup care of Fiori di Adela is so effortless. And after you see the photos from Artystafoto Kids, I’m sure you’d be […]

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A Chic Boho Birthday Bash for Prisha

We’re going a little hippie today as we bring you Prisha’s bohemian inspired birthday party! This theme has always been my favorite for its free-spirited vibe and stylish details. The idea of dreamcatchers, feathers, teepees, and Coachella outfits makes me giddy and really ecstatic! I’m thrilled to share the photos with you, so here’s the […]

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