The Key to Raising a Successful Child Isn’t What You Think

A quick Google search will give you a ton of information on how to raise smart and successful kids. Yet when asked what parents truly want, the most common response across age, income, gender, ethnicity, etc. is: “I just want my children to be happy.” This makes sense. Happier kids are more likely to turn […]

10 Filipino Games to Pass Down to Your Kids this Summer

Growing up in the 90s was the best. We were the last generation to play in the streets without the distraction of computers, the internet, or mobile phones. I mean those probably existed then, yes, but they were foreign objects to us. Somehow the outdoors felt safer then, life was simpler, and more physically active. […]

7 Ways to Have Better Conversations with Your Kids

There’s a scene in the 90s movie Matilda that bothered me when I first saw it and thanks to a re-watch on Netflix, it bothers me to this day. Granted there are a lot of bothersome images in that film but this one in particular is where Danny DeVito’s character, the dad, told his six-year-old […]

9 Things Your Crying Baby is Trying to Tell You and What You Can Do About Each One

A straight answer as to why your baby cries is that it is absolutely normal. Asking that is akin to asking why cows moo–they just do. As moms, we are the primary caretakers of our little ones and the feeling of guilt and personal accountability that comes with the crying can be tough. Developmentally, crying […]