What This Single Mom Learned About Success and Motherhood Through Yoga

Yoga has many physical, emotional, and psychological benefits. For Sam Dominguez, her motivations for practicing yoga take a deeper and intentional route. I found out about Sam thanks to a wellness webinar I attended where she was the Meditation facilitator. Her bio instantly stood out to me, because of the many roles she fulfills. Among […]

How to Teach First Words to Your Baby: Here Are Tips from a Speech and Language Expert!

Did you know that you can start talking to your child even while they’re still in the womb? Babies, even in the womb, can already hear sounds. Even if they can’t understand you yet, they start to become familiar with the sound of language and emotions like being sad, angry, or excited. First words are […]

Fact: Breastfeeding Moms Need To Do Regular Breast Self-Exams, Too!

Pregnancy and breastfeeding lead to a lot of changes to a Mom’s breasts, and sometimes these new developments may cause you to worry about what the painful lumps, swelling, and soreness mean. Most of the time, these are signs of breastfeeding issues that are easily treated with the guidance of your doctor. If that’s the […]

What to Consider Before Choosing Your Baby’s Godparents

Godparents aren’t just gift-givers during birthdays and Christmas. They serve a special role and responsibility in your child’s life. Traditionally, you choose godparents who share your religious beliefs so that they can help you teach your child how to live out your faith. But the duties of godparents don’t have to be limited to religion […]