What Happens When Kids Watch Scary Things?

The very first movie I ever watched in a cinema was Mulan. I was five years old when the film came out. My Mom and my Aunt took me to see it knowing how much I enjoyed Disney movies and songs. I was stoked! But what I wasn’t prepared for were the bad guys — […]

Chic Everyday Hairstyles We Love from Celebrity Moms!

We know how much of a luxury it is to have time to blow-dry and style your hair every morning, and that’s not always a possibility when you have a toddler following you around. So, Mom, if you’ve been wanting to change up your ‘do, but want something that’s easy to maintain everyday, gather ideas […]

How Can I Tell If My Child Has Dengue? We Asked a Pediatrician!

Dengue used to be more rampant during the rainy season, particularly, between June to October. Nowadays, however, dengue can occur all-year round, especially in a warm country like ours. We’ve been familiar with dengue for many years, but it’s always good to refresh and update our knowledge when it comes to illnesses. When does a […]

Alternative Questions to “How Was Your Day”

After another eight hours of work, and a whole day of school, spending time with the family is a highly anticipated part of your daily life! These pockets of bonding moments give you chances to learn about your kid’s day, how they’re feeling, and to simply get to know them — their likes and dislikes […]