Enjoy Sweet Macarons in Tasha’s French-Inspired Baptismal Reception!

Macarons, anyone? Tasha’s Baptismal reception will delight your sweet tooth thanks to the dessert buffet full of cookies, cupcakes, and a gorgeous tiered cake, complete with an Eiffel Tower topper! Not to mention, the giveaways are throw pillows in the shape of macarons, how cute is that? The bright hues of pink, purple, blue, and […]

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4 Ways Breastfeeding Can Boost Mom’s Health

When you’re breastfeeding, you’re not just strengthening your baby’s immune system, but you’re also improving your own health as well. It’s a win-win for both you and your baby, Mama. So, no matter how challenging the breastfeeding journey may be at times, always know that the benefits will be worth it! Here are four amazing […]

Calix Goes to the Mighty Jungle for His First Birthday Shoot!

Calix reigns as the cutie of the jungle in his adorable first birthday shoot! How awesome is this setup, complete with animal friends that are as big as the birthday boy himself? What makes these photos even sweeter to look at is Calix’ cake that matches the whole jungle theme. We’re sure he had a […]

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10 Ideas to Help Moms Decorate Adorable Rooms for the Little Ones

There’s just something so satisfying about scrolling through interior design pages to admire all the beautifully put together spaces from living rooms to bedrooms, don’t you agree? We’re sure you’re excited about decorating your baby’s own bedroom, and we also know that there are so many ideas out there. While gathering inspiration for mood boards […]