Relive All the Fun from Your Favorite Childhood Cartoon in Nikolai’s Rugrats House Party

Daddy Jing and Mommy Xy-za wanted to make sure that Nikolai’s first birthday party was still going to be memorable and lots of fun, so they pulled out all the stops to assemble a nostalgic Rugrats-themed birthday party at home! Mommy Xy-za loved watching Rugrats when she was a kid, and so she brought some […]

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These Professional Performers are Offering Dance and Music Lessons Online!

Dance, theater, and music classes don’t have to be limited to summer breaks alone. Your kids can let their creativity, confidence, and performance potential grow all-year round and, yes, even online. Some of the best artists in the dance and theater industries are sharing years worth of skills, techniques, and experiences with kids (and even […]

This Dad Finds Out How Tiring It is to Take Care of a Baby

We stumbled upon this heartwarming Facebook post by a dad named Xtian Serrano who shared his experience in taking care of his baby by himself, without asking for help from his wife at all, for half a day. Xtian has witnessed how exhausted his wife gets while taking care of their baby–changing diapers, putting the […]

How to Mentally and Emotionally Prepare to be New Parents?

It may have been just the two of you for so long, but now your lives are about to be transformed with the coming of your little one! You’re bound to feel a whole range of emotions from happiness to worry to excitement to nervousness. This is a major transition in your life and so […]