What a Fun Garden Picnic Party for Callista’s First Birthday!

Coming all the way from Dubai, the parents of Callista made sure that their daughter will celebrate her first birthday with the whole family in the Philippines. The trip was sure worth it since Callista had so much fun during her intimate picnic party! The ambiance of the celebration was casual, with picnic mats setup […]

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Here are 5 Non-Toy Ideas You Can Give Kids This Christmas

When you think of what present to give your kids, your godchildren, or any other child in your life, more often than not, a toy gift comes to mind. While toys are a treat for sure, know that you have other options, too. If you want to deviate from the usual toy gifts and would […]

There’s so Much to Celebrate at Little Nutbrown Hare Lucca’s Party!

Lucca is the blessing that came after a miscarriage. So to celebrate his first year of life and his baptism, his family decided to throw him a simple but memorable party. The theme they chose was based on the children’s book entitled, “Guess How Much I love You”. Though it was challenging to hold a […]

What’s Up with Wash: An Essential Bath Time Guide from Newborn to 12-years-Old 

Oh, bath time—the time of day that your little one will either love or hate. But whether it’s the most anticipated activity or not, there’s no denying that it’s a need for babies, toddlers, and adults alike. How can you make the experience fun, safe, and relaxing on a regular basis? Here are some expert […]