A ‘Tayo’ Themed Drive-By Party for Tyler During Lockdown!

Tyler has always been fascinated by watching cars and delivery vans drive by their condo. He loves saying hi to people passing by so Mommy Jaja thought of inviting some friends to come pass by and greet him on his birthday. She thought of decorating the balcony, maybe giving out loot bags to guests – […]

The Look



Did You Know That Exploring and Making a Mess Helps Your Child Learn More?

Letting the little ones explore and play is always a good thing even if it means creating a little mess in the kitchen or in the living room. When you allow your kids to use their different senses like touch, sight, smell, taste, and hear, it helps their brain to develop and it encourages scientific […]

6 Simple Tips for Childproofing Your Condo

We know that a lot of young families are choosing to buy a condo unit in the Metro as their first nest. Living in a place that’s close to everything you need and avoiding long commutes is the dream! This means you actually have more time to spend with your family. However, most condo units in […]