A Practical Gift Guide for Your First Time Mom Friends!

We all know that every bit of a mom’s body, mind, and heart is focused on her little bundle of joy. This also means that gone are the days when every penny in her pocket is either spent or saved for her own luxuries! To help you shop for your mom friends, we prepared a […]

A Mom’s Journey in Conquering Her Childbirth Fears

Childbirth is, without a doubt, one of the most painful physical experiences a woman can go through. This is why Mommy Jocelle was so afraid of the idea of conceiving that she had to muster up the courage for years before getting pregnant. In this feature, she shares with us her experience in conquering her  […]

A Day in a Life: A Teacher’s Journey through Distance Learning

Without the structure that teachers are used to such as the classroom, black boards or white boards, and students’ happy chatter as background, how are teachers adjusting with their schedule, requirements, and environment in this pandemic? We asked Teacher Lolly Arroco, a Grade School Art teacher and a mom, to walk us through her regular […]

5 Statements That Can Hurt Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Parents are every child’s first cheerleaders. They use words to motivate their kids in class activities, in games or sports, or in their little tasks everyday. With the regular occurrence of these words and statements at home, parents don’t realize that some words help tear down, rather than build up, their child’s confidence. We asked […]