Breastfeeding Tips Every New Mom Should Know

It’s common for moms to prepare for giving birth but many usually forget to prepare for breastfeeding. While you might argue that it’s an instinct thing, it’s actually harder than it looks. It takes patience, a strong resolve, and a whole lot of endurance to successfully go through the birthing pains (literally) of the breastfeeding […]

“Am I Losing My Milk”: When Not to Worry About Your Breast Milk Supply

Do you remember the time when both your breasts were so full that it felt like you can breastfeed five babies? Then after a few months, you notice that your breasts are not filling up like it used to, you don’t leak out as often, and your baby’s feeding habits have changed. You start to […]

Breastfeeding Beyond One Year: What You Need to Know

It’s true when they say that the days are long but the years are short when you have a baby. Congratulations, Mama, you’ve reached the one year mark of breastfeeding and what a journey it has been! From training your baby how to latch to now being pinned down by a fully mobile toddler, you […]

6 Practical Things I Wish I Knew About Breastfeeding Before I Started

I’ve read books and attended classes but nothing completely prepared me for the difficulty of breastfeeding. As a first time mom scouring the internet for answers at 3am, I wondered how easier it would have been if breastfeeding came with an instructional manual, at least with these six practical things highlighted. But then again, it […]