10 Fun and Interactive Games You Can Do For Your Virtual Baby Shower!

Are you planning a baby shower soon, but have no idea how to make it fun and engaging? With the current ‘social distancing’ precautions in place, you may be in shambles if you are going to push through, wait, or cancel. But guess what, just like any meetings that you do nowadays, you can also […]

These Professional Performers are Offering Dance and Music Lessons Online!

Dance, theater, and music classes don’t have to be limited to summer breaks alone. Your kids can let their creativity, confidence, and performance potential grow all-year round and, yes, even online. Some of the best artists in the dance and theater industries are sharing years worth of skills, techniques, and experiences with kids (and even […]

Up Your Cool Mom Game with These TikTok Video Ideas

Whether you just learned the basics of TikTok from this article or you are already savvy on the social media platform, it’s always fun to keep up to date with the latest trendy uploads. Gone are the days where Gen Z dominated the TikTok scene—there are now a number of TikTok moms gaining popularity thanks […]

Teach Your Kids How to Play Football This Quarantine

In one of our latest episodes of B&B Homeroom, we invited Coach Miguel from Kickstarters PH to teach kids drills and exercises that can help hone their football skills, so we’re here to show you a recap in case you missed it! All you need are a jug of water to stay hydrated throughout the […]