What are the Benefits of Yoga for Kids?

Yoga is all about mindful movement and breathing in order to achieve inner peace, focus, body awareness, and so much more. Practicing yoga can be valuable for children as much as it is for adults, because this improves their physical and mental health starting from a young age. Teacher Karrots who has been practicing yoga […]

Help! Why Does My Child Smell Funky?

Are you starting to notice that though your child takes regular baths, there’s a whiff of unpleasant odor that catches your nostril’s attention? Kids do naturally get smelly especially when they play outside and start to sweat, but when you catch a sharp stinky smell of armpits, it can mean that puberty is starting! To […]

How Parents Can Properly Disinfect Their Space and Surfaces from COVID-19

Aside from the usual cleaning routines we already established at home, it’s time we take it up a notch especially in times like these. Extra precaution is surely needed, so we’ve got these extremely simple but largely helpful tips ready for you! But first, you’ll be needing an effective cleaning solution at hand. Tagged: COVID-19 […]

Moms, Here’s How You Can Take Mindfulness Breaks!

With so many things that need to be done and all the tasks to balance right now, there’s no doubt that moms out there may forget to take a step back once in a while to relax and recuperate. So to the hardworking moms, here’s your gentle reminder to take a few minutes for a […]