This Fun Playlist Will Give You All the Good Summer Vibes!

Whether you’re relaxing at the beach, going on a roadtrip, or just chilling at home, these fun songs will give you and your family all the good vibes for the summer. Prepare to get your heads bobbing, and start listening to this summer playlist! Tagged: fun summer playlist / summer playlist 2019

Here’s A Fun New Year’s Playlist to Welcome 2019!

We can’t believe it’s going to be a new year very soon! Can you? To cap off this year, we came up with this fun playlist for you and your family to celebrate the last hours of 2018! Enjoy dancing the night away, and we wish a very Happy New Year to you and your […]

6 Educational Centers That Can Teach Your Child to Speak in Another Language

When’s the best time to start learning a new language? Well, it may depend on the child, but they say that the earlier you start, the better! As your children go through their childhood years, foundations for their thinking, learning, and character are being laid down. Their learning capacity and pathways develop in the first few years […]

7 Music Schools You Can Enroll Your Kids in This Year

It’s (still kinda) the start of a new year, and that means new things to learn and experience. Today’s new thing to learn? Music! Kids may develop early interests in singing and playing instruments such as the guitar, the piano, drums, etc., but how do you harness these skills? Let the experts bring out their […]