Build a “Yes” Space For Your Toddler!

Baby-proofing your home is one way to make sure that your kids are safe from anything that is potentially harmful like sharp edges or electrical outlets. But more than minimizing hazards, there’s another method to help your little one have a sense of safety and comfort, and that is a “yes” space. What exactly is […]

YouTube Channels for Kids If You’re Tired of Cocomelon

We asked on our Instagram Stories: “What YouTube Channels do you subscribe to for kids’ shows?” And Moms answered! We searched YouTube for these shows that Moms recommended, and rounded them up right here. All these shows are meant to teach kids important values, basic skills, and knowledge that will aid them as they grow […]

Storybooks That Will Teach Your Kids About Philippine History!

It’s never too early for kids to learn about our country’s history, and what better way to understand stories of the past than through books made especially for them? The children’s book industry in the Philippines thrives with a collection of works inspired by historical events. So, we rounded up some of these children’s stories […]

This Is How a Kids Gift Registry Can Make Your New Parent Life Easier! 

You and your child are about to hit a milestone and you can’t hide your excitement in planning for the celebration! Whether you’re gearing up for your baby’s coming into this world or you’re planning your child’s first birthday, a gift registry will help you transition to the parent life easier. So many things will […]