Happy Wife, Happy Life: 5 Compliments That Every Wife Will Love To Hear

Communication is one of the most important things in a marriage. Regardless of how you express your love, your wife still needs to hear that you love her and that you recognize everything she has done for you and your family. Words are really powerful, that’s why it’s important to say these five important things that will […]

8 Subtle Things That Make a Huge Impact on Your Marriage

Marriage is one of the most beautiful, and yet most challenging of experiences. Nowadays, marriage seems to become more and more difficult for a lot of younger couples. So I listed a few things I’ve observed during my (almost) seven years of marriage.   As cliche as this may sound, your definition of love or being […]

Moms Try To Sum Up “Marriage” in Only Six Words

If you were asked to define marriage in only a few words, what would you say? Would you use sweet and cheesy lines, or fun and witty quotes? Today, we challenged eight moms to sum up their marriage life in six words, and their answers were both heartwarming and funny! Read their answers below, and let us know […]

The Best Marriage Quotes That Will Make You Believe in #MayForever

The unconditional love that you and your spouse share is beyond anything else in this world. Can I hear an #amen to that? So if you’re looking for something to inspire you during a gloomy day, here are a few quotes on marriage that will definitely make you fall in love with your partner all over again and make you […]