Here’s How You Can Know the Best Teaching Style for Your Kid!

Every child has a unique way of learning. Some may prefer watching over listening, others may favor reading than tactile activities. It is essential to know your child’s learning style so you can structure your study sessions accordingly (make it enjoyable and effective!) and stimulate better choices for your extracurricular bonding moments. Tagged: Education / […]

Storytelling Session for Kids: The Day the Sun Grew Tired

Tricia from Baby and Breakfast and Teacher Lesley from Make Believe Productions share us the story, “The Day the Sun Grew Tired”. In this story, we teach kids about how the sun comes in and out day and night, its purpose, and how we might just be taking her for granted. So what does the […]

Keep Your Kids Productive During Quarantine With a Daily Activities Plan!

To all working parents out there, we see you! The shift from a typical office setting to a work-from-home setup is not an easy transition. It’s definitely a bigger challenge having to look after your kids alongside chasing deadlines and even handling some chores at home. To help shine a light in navigating this tricky […]

20 English and Filipino Storytelling Videos for Your Kids

Get on your comfiest clothes and watch as different celebrities like Kristen Bell, Oprah Winfrey, and Chris Pine read us children’s stories! If you’re feeling like watching silly interactive stories, or prefer Filipino stories, we have them too! Tagged: interactive stories for kids / stories for kids / storytelling for kids