7 Funny Things That Happen Only When You Become a Mom

They say that once you become a mom, your whole life changes, and that’s soooo true! From your work schedule to your nights with friends or even to your salon trips, everything becomes different because your life starts to revolve around your young one. And let’s face it, oftentimes the changes that happen in our lives […]

Filipina Moms Try To Guess Millennial Terms

They say that the words the you use will reveal your true age, and I couldn’t agree more! Let’s face it mommies, our terms like jologs, baduy, or even gimmick reveal our inner #titavibes. That’s why we definitely need to update our vocabulary, don’t you think?! So what better way to review these cool words than by playing […]

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    Dads Share Funny and Heartwarming Advice on Fatherhood

    Let’s face it mommies, I think we can all agree that a father’s style in parenting is very different from ours, right? From tough love to rough play time with kids, they definitely have their own way to win our little ones’ hearts. And although we’re used to seeing the tough and macho image of our husbands (and even our […]