Mom at 41: She Froze Her Eggs for a Shot at Motherhood

Ana always wanted to become a Mom. When she met her now-husband, Jamie, they tried getting pregnant a year into their relationship – first, the natural way, and then, through Intrauterine Insemination (a procedure where sperm is directly injected into a woman’s uterus). Two years of trying, however, didn’t lead them to the pregnancy they […]

Dear Baby: A Love Letter from a First Time Mommy-to-Be

Eight months down, one more to go… Just as I can no longer see my feet thanks to my growing belly, I can’t help but revel in all the feels now that I’m down to my last few weeks of pregnancy. It’s been eight months of change, of learning, of growth—and I couldn’t be more […]

First-Time Mom Musings: What I Think Motherhood Will Be Like

As a first-time mom entering her eighth month of pregnancy, you bet I’ve gone through my fair share of mommy blogs, pregnancy apps, and parenting guide books. The words may sound a little different depending on whose speaking, but the message is clear no matter the source—your life is about to change. Just like every […]

What This Single Mom Learned About Success and Motherhood Through Yoga

Yoga has many physical, emotional, and psychological benefits. For Sam Dominguez, her motivations for practicing yoga take a deeper and intentional route. I found out about Sam thanks to a wellness webinar I attended where she was the Meditation facilitator. Her bio instantly stood out to me, because of the many roles she fulfills. Among […]