4 Tips to Cope with a Toddler Rearranging the House

My 15-month-old toddler recently discovered that the dinning room chairs, the hamper, the activity table, and the folding shelf can be moved from one place to another when she pushes it. Watching her, I often wonder where this little person gets her energy and strength from! If you’re a parent of a toddler and you’re […]

Alternative Questions to “How Was Your Day”

After another eight hours of work, and a whole day of school, spending time with the family is a highly anticipated part of your daily life! These pockets of bonding moments give you chances to learn about your kid’s day, how they’re feeling, and to simply get to know them — their likes and dislikes […]

Anger in Children: We Asked a Special Education Teacher About Tell-Tale Signs

Kids naturally enter a tantrum phase around the toddler years. Moms and Dads of kids below the age of four know what it’s like to deal with the crying, kicking, and shrieking. Anger and irritability are normal emotions, and we all experience them no matter what age. It’s also part of kids’ behavioral development, but […]

6 Positive Things You Can Say to Your Kids Every Morning!

Moms know that mornings can sometimes equal to madness and mayhem. You are sleep deprived, your kids don’t want to get out of bed, your baby wants to nurse, and you need to cook breakfast on top of that! How does a Mom deal with it all without pulling her hair out? Is there any […]