5 Reasons Why It’s Okay for Parents to Say Sorry to Their Kids

As parents, we all know the importance of exchanging I love you’s with our kids. The words do not only express how much we love and care for them, but they also strengthen our relationship. What if we told you there was another set of words that are just as important, but you might not […]

We Asked a Sleep Consultant About Healthy Sleep Habits for Babies and Toddlers!

The #TeamNoSleep life is real, especially during the first few weeks with your newborn. It would be a miracle to catch a wink of sleep for two hours straight or even just an hour at night. For some parents, bedtime might also be tough battles with their toddlers! A good night’s sleep doesn’t always come […]

5 Simple Ways You Can Teach Your Kids to Make Wise Decisions

Kids grow up so fast. One day you’re singing them a lullaby, then the next thing you know, they are full-grown adults trying to sneak out of the house or already living on their own. As they mature and gain real-life experiences, they eventually figure out how to make choices. But, no matter how simple […]

Getting Frustrated with Your Kids Is Normal. Here’s What You Can Do to Stay Calm!

We are human after all and frustration, like all of our other emotions, comes naturally to us. On days when you are under a lot of stress and suddenly your child throws a tantrum or breaks a rule, it’s quite normal to want to pull your hair out or scream. Getting frustrated at your child’s […]