How Families Can Entertain Themselves During Community Quarantine

Families across the Philippines are advised to stay home to prevent the possible spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. To keep the kids at bay, we give you some activities that your families might enjoy their time with and make lasting memories during this trying time. From virtual museum tours, organizing, and reading, here are a […]

Dear Parents, Here’s What COVID-19 is Teaching You and Your Kids

In these times of uncertainty, it is very easy to feel discouraged, afraid, and anxious. Everyone seems to be in the same boat. We are all trying our best to be healthy, protect our families, and be prepared for the worst case scenarios. I admit, these are very dark times we are living in, and […]

5 Blessings I Appreciate During this COVID-19 Outbreak

Bad news left and right almost left me with my knees shaking and my head pounding. In a matter of 24 hours, I felt my world crashing down. As the hours passed, I found myself in a quiet place thinking about what the future holds. Though very uncertain, I realized some blessings that were right […]

Here’s What to Say to Your Kids If They’re Feeling Insecure

It may not have been too long ago, but we all know that growing up is tough, right? Kids are very much vulnerable to feelings of insecurity (we’ve all been there), especially since they’re still trying to figure out who they are, what they love, and what they can be good at. And it doesn’t […]