6 Ways You Can Announce Your Pregnancy Like A Celebrity Depending on Your Personality

With so much bleakness and distress in the current news cycle, it’s always a welcome burst of joy when couples announce to the social media world that they’re expecting a baby. Because of the extended quarantine and stay-at-home orders, we are expecting the posts will just keep on coming! From pictures of sonograms to holding […]

How It’s Like to Be Pregnant for the First Time During COVID-19

It was a slow Sunday morning, a month and a half since the Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) was announced in Metro Manila, when I decided to take a pregnancy test. I didn’t know what result I was hoping for exactly when I was opening the pack, but I remember closing my eyes, saying a […]

What’s the Reason Behind Pregnancy Cravings?

Ever wondered if there’s an actual reason behind pregnancy cravings? Is there an explanation for wanting to dip apples in ranch dressing or constantly reaching for chocolates, french fries, and pickles? Some experts say that pregnancy cravings can be linked to hormonal changes and the heightened sense of taste and smell among expectant moms. Other […]

This Mom is Lifting Her Way Through Pregnancy!

Seven months in her second pregnancy, Mommy Moriel is still lifting weights and she’s feeling good about it! Even way before she got pregnant with her first child, she and her husband were already attending crossfit classes every six in the morning, five times a week. This prepared her body well for childbirth. So, for […]