VIDEO: Quick Questions on Pregnancy with Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla

Top of the morning, loves! We have something extra special for you today! We asked Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla some quick questions about her pregnancy experience, and you should check it out! Thanks to Threelogy for filming this cute and heartwarming video. We surely can’t wait to see Baby Isabella! Happy Thursday, everyone! Tagged: celebrity / Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla / maternity / motherhood / parenthood […]

6 Things You Shouldn’t Say To a Pregnant Woman

Being pregnant is no JOKE. Since you’re carrying a little human being inside of you, it’s definitely quite a challenge to go on with your normal work life. That’s why sometimes when we get a few “Are you pregnant or did you eat a lot for lunch” jokes, it’s kinda hard to keep our cool! So here are […]