What to Do When Your Kids Don’t Want Hugs and Kisses at Holiday Parties

It’s the Christmas season! Everyone is looking forward to spending holiday celebrations with family. Your relatives are most especially excited to see your kids after such a long time, and are just giddy at the fact that they finally get to give them big hugs. But, wait! Ever notice your kids squirming away from a […]

Parental Anxiety: How to Tame the Inner Beast Named “Worry”

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a parent to a baby, a toddler, or a teenager. Worry comes with the job description and it’s normal for parents to do so. Raise your hand if you’re guilty of slowly putting your finger under your baby’s nose just to check his/her breath while asleep? Or are you guilty […]

No Punishment. No Rewards: What Gentle Parenting is All About

Over the course of the years and with resources becoming more accessible, we’ve been learning about so many different parenting styles and among them is Gentle Parenting. Sometimes called Positive Discipline, The Gentle Parenting philosophy advocates a partnership between parent and child through its main elements: Empathy, Understanding, Respect, and Boundaries. If you’re not that […]

Childhood During the Pandemic: How It Looks Like and What Parents Can Do

It’s been a year and half since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The numbers are still increasing around the world, just as the ways our lives have changed are also numerous. We often talk about the changes to our social lives and work routines, but what about the changes in our kids’ lives? What […]