Andi Eigenmann Keeps It Simple for Lilo’s First Birthday Photoshoot!

A white wall, some flowers, and a whole lot of love for Lilo was all it took for the photos of Nice Print Photography to exude so much warmth and happiness! Grateful for the first 365 days of Lilo in this world, Andi Eigenmann wanted to document and celebrate her second daughter’s life with a simple, […]

The Look



How Mikaela Martinez Supports Kindness Movements During COVID-19

We hear disheartening news every day because the truth is, all our lives have been turned upside down because of COVID-19. But in between the tears and the uncertainties, we find stories that will make us see the beauty in tragedy. One of these stories is about someone who decided to let COVID-19 be an […]

Isabelle Daza Created an Animated Book about COVID-19 to Help Kids Understand What’s Happening

Have your kids been asking when they can go out again? Have they been missing their friends and are wondering why they can go out for playdates? We’re sure some of you have tried to explain it to them. Sometimes they get it and sometimes they don’t. But today we’re just happy we saw what […]

Let’s Take A Look Around Hunter Belo Pitt’s Baby Room!

Hunter’s mother, Cristalle Belo Pitt, shares with us her son’s room and how everything fell into place. The muted blue, gray, and white color palette of Hunter’s room gives daytime sky, cool and relaxing vibe. The planes and hot air balloons that fly over the room leave us to daydream around the skies while the […]